Back Pressure Regulators


Pressure Range: 1-20 bar (15-300 psi)
Type: Biocompatible Back Pressure Regulator
Housing: PEEK
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Even properly degassed mobile phases may contain some dissolved gasses that can release bubbles in the detector flow cell, causing baseline noise and drift. VICI Jour back pressure regulators provide a quick and convenient way to improve the stability of the detector baseline. They provide constant back pressure on the flow cell, which stops the release of dissolved gasses from the mobile phase and prevents bubble formation in the flow cell.

The unique design of VICI Jour back pressure regulators ensures a minimal internal volume. This means peak shape is not affected when the regulator is installed between two detectors in a multi-detector system or between a detector and a fraction collector or fraction collector system. Typically, 90% or more of a given component's efficiency will be retained upon passing through the regulator.

A spring-loaded diaphragm provides the force that generates the back pressure. You can adjust spring tension using the back pressure adjustment screw on the top of the regulator to vary the back pressure without disconnecting any lines.

The regulators are easy to mount with a 17 mm panel hole. Available in three models, all with low dead volume. Two of the models have a completely biocompatible fluid path, and one model is stainless steel for preparative chromatography and SFC use.

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