No Chamfer Titanium Frits - Package of 1

VICI Jour SKU: JR-F-197-062-2TINC

Porosity: 2 um
Diameter/Thickness: 1/16" diam. x 0.062" thick
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For applications related to the analysis of sensitive substances—particularly large biomolecules— titanium is preferred over stainless steel for its biocompatibility.

Titanium is recommended for protein analysis due to protein’s tendency to adsorb on the stainless steel (iron) frit and consequently reduce recovery—or even decompose. Titanium also offers higher corrosion resistance and can be used with solvents containing halides.


  • Standard frits are without chamfers; chamfered frits are available on request.
  • Stated frit porosities are only nominal and do not reflect the maximum pore size of a frit.


Other dimensions and porosities are available on request. Minimum order quantity depends on dimensions. Please contact your local distributor or VICI Jour directly.

Material: Titanium (sintered)


Frit size Tolerance
5 mm OD

±0.05 mm (.002")

5-12 mm OD

±0.08 mm (.003")

12.5-25.4 mm

OD ±0.20 mm (.008")

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