In-line Biocompatible PEEK Guard Column with Frits

VICI Jour SKU: JR-68242TI2

Frit Size: 2 um
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Extend the life of valuable analytical columns by trapping contaminants from the sample and mobile phase, thus preventing loss of retention. The system is ideal for use with proteins or other biopolymers that may be contaminated or absorbed by steel surfaces. VICI Jour’s biocompatible PEEK guard column system ensures that only PEEK and titanium contact the mobile phase and sample.

VICI Jour guard columns can be easily dry-packed or slurry-packed. Guard columns may be changed in minutes without the use of tools—all connections can be easily made by hand.

Each guard column system includes:

  • Guard column cartridge
  • Includes cartridge and 2 titanium frits (2 µm or 5 µm)
  • 2 Titanium frits
  • Housing
  • O-ring
  • Guard cartridge and frits


The VICI Jour packing kit is a "ready-to-use" tool to pack our PEEK guard cartridges. Every kit includes the needed slurry reservoir, packing adapter, and packing seals.

Material: PEEK, Titanium

Pressure rating: 350 bar (5000 psi)

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