Low Pressure Cheminert® PEEK Mixing Tees


Type: Body Only
Bore: 0.75 mm
Tubing ID: 1/16"
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Designed to create turbulence by the introduction angle of the solvents, these tees mix solvents much more thoroughly than a conventional tee. For use with 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing, and mountable. PEEK mixing tees are completely inert and biocompatible.

Typically, inverted ferrules are used in these fittings, but the 1/4-28 flat-bottomed details will also accept collapsible ferrule or flanged fittings.

VICI Jour mixing tees are available as the body only, or complete with fittings. A mixing tee with fittings includes:

  • 3 PPS flangeless hex-head nuts
  • 3 ETFE inverted ferrules
  • 3 Color-Sleeve adapters

For 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing with flangeless connections

Part Material
Nuts PPS
Ferrules ETFE

Threads:1/4-28 threads

Body Size:

Length 44.45 mm (1.75'')

Height 21 mm (0.83'')

Thickness 9.5 mm (0.37'')

Pressure rating:(varies with tubing material and ID)

≤48 bar (700 psi)

OD Bar Psi
1/16" 105 1500
1/8" 35 500


Use our impermeable tubing to avoid gas diffusion in the solvent lines

While mixing tees are typically used with inverted ferrules, collapsible ferrules or flanged connections can also be used

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
1/16" PPS flangeless nuts 10 JR-55070-10
1/8" PPS flangeless nuts 10 JR-55071-10
1/16" Inverted ETFE Ferrules 10 JR-041-10
1/8" Inverted ETFE Ferrules 10 JR-051-10


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