Micro Valves for LC and GC

VICI Jour SKU: JR-660100

Type: "T" flow path
Ports: 3 Port
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Simplify your liquid or gas handling application with a VICI Precision Sampling Micro valve. In a compact 1” design, the unique fitting detail allows a leak-free seal with no potential for rotor damage from over-tightening. Micro valves come in a variety of flow path configurations (see image), pressure rated to 200 psi for gas, and 500 psi for liquid.

Micro valves offer convenient panel mounting (8 mm hole required, max. 4.5mm thickness of the panel mount hole), with internal parts made of PEEK and PTFE.

Flowpath configurations


Includes fittings for 1/8" OD tubing:

  • 1 PPS flangeless hex-head nuts per port
  • 1 PCTFE collapsible ferrules per port
  • 1 Color-Sleeve adapter per port

For 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing, flangeless connections


Part Material
Wetted parts PEEK, PTFE
Body POM
Nuts PPS
Ferrules PCTFE (1/8") or PEEK (1/16")

Threads:1/4-28 threads

Bore Size:1.50 mm

Body size:
Height 44.70 mm
Diameter 27.94

Pressure rating:

  • 200 psi gas – tested with helium using 1/16" OD x 0.84 mm ID PTFE tubing with PEEK collapsible ferrules
  • 500 psi liquid – tested with isopropanol using 1/8" OD x 0.75 mm ID PTFE tubing with PCTFE collapsible ferrules

See Properties of Polymers


  • Use our impermeable tubing to avoid gas diffusion in the solvent lines
  • While these valves are typically used with collapsible ferrules, inverted ferrules or flanged connections can also be used

Description Tubing OD Qty/pkg Product No.
PPS flangeless nuts 1/16" 10 JR-55050-10
1/8" 10 JR-55051-10
PEEK Collapsible ferrules 1/16" 10 JR-CFL-CB1PK

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