Eco Caps and Eco Cap Kits

VICI Jour SKU: JR-9000-0007

Type: Eco Cap
Bottle Size: N/A
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With no threading inside its tubing ports, the Eco-Cap provides a versatile, competitively priced option for sparging and delivering mobile phases, compatible with all standard GL54 thread bottles. Eco caps consist of an ETFE insert with three ports (two for ⅛” and one for 4 mm tubing) with a polyethylene collar.

VICI Jour Eco cap includes:

  • 1 cap, GL45 thread, with three ports
  • Polypropylene male Luer plug for 4 mm bore

Also available as a kit, with the addition of

  • 1 safety-coated glass bottle (option of 1 L or 2 L)


Eco Caps are not usable for building up a helium atmosphere within the solvent bottle but only for continuous helium sparging.


Once the mobile phase is degassed, we recommend using VICI Jour impermeable tubing between bottle cap and pump to prevent regassing of helium-degassed solvents.


Part Material
Screw collar Polypropylene
Pouring ring Polypropylene
Eco-cap insert ETFE
O-rings EPDM
Luer plug Polypropylene

More information about the Chemical Resistance of Materials.

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
Male Luer plug, polypropylene 10 JR-070350-10

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