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VICI Jour SKU: JR-S-20005

Type: Exhaust Filter with Detector
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Our improved exhaust filter is the center of the VICI Jour safety program, ridding ambient air of solvent vapors which could adversely affect the health of lab workers. When placed on the waste bottle of an HPLC system, a specially treated absorbent filters out nearly all organic solvent vapors.

With 65 g of our optimized absorbent, VICI Jour exhaust filters have a larger capacity than competing brands and a long lifetime. The typical lifetime is up to 10 months* for methanol and up to 8 months* for acetonitrile.

Prevent breakthroughs with the optional breakthrough detector, which alerts users to the saturation of the filter absorbent. The detector recognizes trace amounts of acetone, acetonitrile, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol, methylene chloride, and THF. When the absorbent is saturated, the breakthrough is indicated by a color change in the detector from orange/pink to dark purple. A small charcoal filter absorbs the vapors after they pass the detector.

With a universal 1/4-28 connection, exhaust filters fit all VICI safety caps and VICI caps. Adapters to fit other brand products are available.


Disposal of the saturated filters must be done in compliance with your local regulations for chemical waste.

*Based on results of our tests (water/organics = 50/50; flow rate 1.0 ml/min during the day, 0.5 ml/min overnight, 0.1 ml/min during weekends).

Tech Tips

  • Larger capacity = longer lifetime = lower costs
  • As a general rule, halving the flow rate doubles the lifetime of a filter at constant composition and temperature; doubling the flow rate halves it.
  • Acetonitrile and water form an "azeotropic" mixture at 85% acetonitrile. Due to this physical property, the vapor of an acetonitrile/ water mixture always corresponds to the 85/15 mixture. This explains the non-linearity of the lifetime for acetonitrile compared to methanol.


Part Material
Filter housing POM
Detector housing PC
Frits Polyethylene
O-ring EPDM (not a wetted part)



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