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SolviFlex™ tubing allows you to be “mobile” with mobile phase bottles. Made with flexible telephone cable-like PFA tubing that expands and contracts, SolviFlex tubing enables you to move bottles up to a 1.5 m radius on the bench. Approximately 3 m of tubing is coiled along its length with straight sections at each end. Customized SolviFlex tubing is available on request.

SolviFlex tubing package includes:

  • ~3 m coiled PFA tubing
  • 2 sets: 1/4-28 nut/ferrules for 1/8" OD tubing
  • 1 No-Met mobile phase filter

Exhaust filter, bottle, and VICI caps or safety caps are sold separately.


Part Material
Tubing PFA
Nuts PPS
Ferrules ETFE
Filter Polyethylene

Tubing OD: 1/18"

More information about the Chemical Resistance of these materials.

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Safety Caps

No-Met Biocompatible Mobile Phase Filters

Safety-Coated Bottles

Safety Exhaust Filters

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