Stainless Steel Loops for VICI Cheminert® Valves

VICI Jour SKU: JR-SLC-86-5

Sample Size: 5 µl
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For all VICI Cheminert C1, C1CF, C2, C2V, C3, C52, C72H, and C72X type valves, VICI Jour offers stainless steel (SS) sample loops in a wide range of volumes. They are made of high-quality SS316 to ensure high-pressure resistance and low permeability.

Stainless steel sample loops are made using an electrolytic cutting process, ultrasonically cleaned and treated with high-pressure steam to remove contaminants, dried, and capped with softener-free caps to avoid recontamination of the tubing. All loops come with stainless hex-head nuts and stainless ferrules for reliable connections.

Other sample sizes are available on request. Please contact your distributor or VICI Jour directly.


Not recommended for use with halides.

We offer nuts in three lengths to facilitate wrench access on valves.

For loops that will be replaced frequently, we recommend using a long nut — particularly when space is restricted. See our long nuts.


Part Material
Loops SS316
Nuts SS316
Ferrules SS316
Caps Polyethylene

Tolerances: ±0.05 mm (.002")

Pressure rating: ≤ 1375 bar (20,000 psi)

Refer to Properties of Metals for more information about 316 stainless steel.

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
1/16" stainless nuts, 10-32 5 JR-ZN1-5
1/16" stainless ferrules 5 JR-ZF1S6-5

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