1. Never tighten or loosen a fitting or valve connection while it is pressurized. Provisions should be made within the system to release pressure via suitable valve components.
2. Do not exceed pressure or temperature specifications. Note that in many cases, the system pressure is limited by the tubing used, not the fittings.
3. The use of toxic or hazardous fluids requires extra caution during operation or maintenance. The user is responsible for insuring safe operation and for understanding the nature of the fluids and chemistry involved.
4. The use of thread lubricants or sealants is required only on tapered pipe threads. These sealants and lubricants may have different temperature limits or chemical compatibility than the valves or fittings.


The improper selection or use of components or systems described herein can cause personal injury or property damage.

The system designer and user are solely responsible for the selection of products suitable for the specific requirements of the application, as well as proper installation, operation, and maintenance of these products.

Compatibility with hazardous fluid streams, environmental conditions, and mechanical requirements are the responsibility of the user.