FEP Tubing

VICI Jour SKU: JR-T-6797

OD/ID: 1/32 in/0.2 mm
Length (m): 1
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FEP (FluorinatedEthylenePropylene) tubing is chemically inert to most HPLC solvents and is recommended for low-pressure applications.

Typically 1/16" OD tubing holds up to 117 bar (1,700 psi), and 1/8" OD holds up to 70 bar (1,000 psi).

FEP is also recommended for ion chromatography applications.

Statement of Compliance:

All polymers used in the manufacture of VICI Jour tubing are EU CIRS-REACH compliant. Additionally, all colorants used to comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

Tech Tip

When selecting tubing for low-pressure applications, give careful consideration to gas permeability characteristics.

Maximum Recommended Working Temperature for FEP Tubing

The maximum recommended working temperature for FEP is 80° C (continuous).

Tubing OD OD (±) ID (±)
1/32" 0.025 mm (.001") 0.025 mm (.001")
1/16" 0.05 mm (.002") 0.05 mm (.002")
1/8" 0.10 mm (.004") 0.10 mm (.004")
1/4" 0.10 mm (.004") 0.20 mm (.008")

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