Low Pressure Liquid Handling Filter with Luer Connections

VICI Jour SKU: JR-68271

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This filter has male and female Luer lock connections for easy installation on any Luer-type syringe, suitable for prefiltering samples in chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and medical applications. Each filter can be used several times, depending on the concentration of the filtered contaminations.

The body is made of polypropylene, with a 2.0 µm stainless steel filter element. The metallic frit is available in different porosities without the pressure limitations of membrane filters. Additional porosities are available on request

Advantages of Liquid Handling Filter with Luer Connections

  • Installs on any Luer-type syringe
  • Allows convenient prefiltering
  • Stainless steel frit available in a variety of porosities


Properties of Metals

Properties of Polymers

Part Material
Cartridge PP
Filter screen 316 stainless

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