PFA Tubing

VICI Jour SKU: JR-T-4001

OD/ID: 1/6 in/0.5 mm
Length (m): 1
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PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) tubing offers excellent chemical stability and mechanical strength. VICI Jour 1/16" OD high-purity tubing has a maximum pressure rating of up to 100 bar (1,450 psi), while 1/8" OD tubing can be used at up to 72 bar (1,050 psi).

Statement of Compliance
All polymers used in the manufacture of VICI Jour tubing are EU CIRS-REACH compliant. Additionally, all colorants comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Other package sizes and tubing lengths are available Customized ODs and IDs are available (minimum quantity of 30 meters) Contact us for more information.
ETFE and PFA Tubing Tolerances
Tubing OD OD (±) ID (±)
1/16" * 0.05 mm (.002") 0.05 mm (.002")
1/8" 0.10 mm (.004") 0.10 mm (.004")
1/4" 0.10 mm (.004") 0.20 mm (.008")

*Except for 0.20 mm ID EFTE tubing, which has tolerances of ±0.07 for OD and ± 0.08 for wall thickness Note that VICI Jour 1/16" OD tubing typically has an ID tolerance of ±.001". This is a much tighter tolerance than normal commercial grades of tubing; however, it is enough to result in noticeable error if exact volumes are not measured.

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