Solid Color-Coded PEEK Tubing

VICI Jour SKU: JR-T-5604-M1

OD: 1/32"
Color/ID: Black/0.1 mm
Length(m): 1
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Color-coding provides easy identification of the ID of your PEEK tubing – each ID is coded with a different color.

PEEK tubing has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting and is not affected by halide salts, high-strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel.

The polymer surface will not leach metal ions into the eluent or extract metal-sensitive components from the sample. However, PEEK can be somewhat absorptive of solvents and analytes, notably methylene chloride, DMSO, THF, which may cause swelling. High concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acid will attack PEEK.

Maximum recommended working temp: 100° C (continuous) for 1/16" OD tubing with ID ≤0.75 mm


PEEK Tubing Tolerances

Other package sizes and tubing lengths are available

Customized ODs and IDs are available (minimum quantity of 30 meters)

Contact us for more information[link to contact page]

Statement of Compliance:

All polymers used in the manufacture of VICI Jour tubing are EU CIRS-REACH compliant. Additionally, all colorants used to comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

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