Thermo-Formed PEEK Tubing

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To meet your application-specific needs, VICI Jour offers thermo-formed tubing in various geometric shapes, made from PEEK or a variety of other polymer materials. We can make straight tubing, spirals, or more complex forms—just define your form and material on a drawing, and we’ll take it from there.

A tubing form will maintain its shape as long as the temperature does not exceed 100°C.

Advantages of VICI Jour Thermo-Formed Tubing

  • Available in a PEEK or a variety of polymers
  • Provides axial flexibility
  • Telephone cable style or customer-specified shapes

Maximum recommended working temperatureof dual-layer PEEK is 100° C (continuous).

Statement of Compliance:

All polymers used in the manufacture of VICI Jour tubing are EU CIRS-REACH compliant. Additionally, all colorants used comply withRoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

Contact us for your local distributor for more information or a price quotation for thermo-formed tubing.

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