Low Pressure PTFE Economy Last Drop Mobile Phase Filters

VICI Jour SKU: JR-4676-10

Frit Material: Stainless Steel
Body OD: 19 mm
Pore Size/ Max Flow Rate: 10 µm/ 30 ml/min
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A very competitively priced version of our unique Last Drop filter with a flat filter element that sits parallel to the bottom of the reservoir. This design ensures all but the last 2% of the mobile phase is filtered without drawing air into the system.

The filter body comes in two body diameters to fit various bottleneck dimensions. The filter body is made from PTFE, which is resistant to virtually all common mobile phases. Frits are PTFE or stainless.

Advantages of Economy Last Drop Mobile Phase Low-pressure Filters

  • Lower price
  • Biocompatible PTFE frits or stainless steel frits
  • Three porosity options
  • Two diameters

We recommend you connect the filter with 1/8" OD/ 3.18 mm OD tubing:

Properties of Polymers

Properties of Metals

For 1/8" OD tubing

Part Material




PTFE/Type 316 stainless


Easy to replace - easy to clean with ultrasound or quick replacement with a new filter.

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